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  • Latino Grooves Dance Studio 308A Pulteney Street Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)

Curious about Tantra? Do you desire a deeper connection to yourself, partner, family and friends? Would you like to take your relationship, communication, sensuality and intimacy into a much more loving, powerful space?

It is often misinterpreted in the West that Tantra is only about learning to make love for hours and experiencing extreme states of orgasmic bliss. Yes, these are indeed aspects of Tantric lovemaking, but they are simply the side effects of learning to dance and make love with life itself.

Both Tantra and Shamanism use specific principles and practices for sexual healing and enlightenment. Some of these basic tools include breath, sound, movement, prayer, chanting, lovemaking and ritual. Tantra is also about cutting through the illusion, veils and dreams so we can break free of the chaos of the collective unconscious. 

At this half-day workshop you will be learning theory, experiential practices and empowering tools that you can take away and use in your daily life. 

What we will be exploring:

  • Tantra; what it is, and how we can incorporate it into our relationships and everyday life.
  • Sacred sexuality; how to deepen our relationship with intimacy and pleasure and awaken our true orgasmic potential.
  • Conscious relationships; turning co-dependency into co-creation.
  • Inner Union; how to fall in love with yourself first, and become your own lover.
  • Sacred union; the uniting and merging of your sexuality, heart and consciousness, bringing greater personal power, love and wisdom. 
  • Shadow work; looking into how our shadows and unconscious behaviors effect us and our relationships, and how we can integrate them into conscious living
  • Self-practice; understanding how your self-practice is just as important as your paired and group work, and how to define what practice would best be suited for you.
  • Embodiment; how to come back into our bodies and become more present in all aspects of our lives.
  • Kundalini; what it is, and how we can use it to help activate our own awakening and personal evolution.
  • Healing and empowerment; different Shamanic techniques that will not only help you release old limiting fears and beliefs systems but also develop ways of stepping back into your true power. 

This workshop is suitable for women and men of all ages and backgrounds, from beginners to the most experienced, singles and couples, and people of all orientations. You can come alone, with your partner or with as many friends as you like. No nudity is involved. The workshop relates to sexuality and sexual energy, but it involves non-sexual interaction. 


A doctrine originating in India, Tantra means “to stretch” ('Tan') “the instrument of yourself” ('Tra'). It’s “the way of expanding ourselves”.

Tantra includes sexuality, but it’s really about how to live an amazing life, how to have healthy relationships and process your emotions in a way that really serves you. It’s about being your authentic self, and living a vibrant life.

The purpose of Tantric practice and Sacred sexuality is recognising our own Divine nature, the Divine nature of our partner and the Divine nature of everything around you. This is the core principles of Love, and through Tantric practice we learn to realign and reweave ourselves back into the presence of Divine love.


Kundalini; it is the creative energy that exists in all of us, it is the energy of self-expression. It is the same energy that is expressed when someone composes or plays beautiful music, the joy one feels when laughing with a loved one, or the warmth one feels from an intimate embrace. It is the energy which is expressed in all parts of life, whether it is building up a business or reaching whatever goal you aspire for. These are all expressions of the same creative life force energy that is Kundalini.

When Kundalini begins to re-awaken to its full expression, we begin the process of bringing our whole being back into alignment with our divine truth, this process can be both frightening and blissful at the same time. As this process takes momentum, we begin to shed off all the layers of our selves that no longer serve our highest good, and then the lotus begins to flower.




This workshop will be hosted by two certified Kundalini Tantra body workers, Fidel and Erin who are naturally gifted in their work and extremely passionate about the the transformations that come from it. 

With the use of sound healing, shamanic practices and sacred ritual, dance and ceremony, this workshop has been designed to not only offer clear informative teachings, but also a space for safe unfolding and deep transformation.

If you are interested in this kind of work, but are unable to make it to this event, Fidel and Erin also offer one on one Kundalini tantra bodywork sessions. These sessions provide a space for deeper personal growth and healing. 


Note pad and pen, water bottle.

Comfortable clothes.

Please bring a small vegetarian / vegan friendly plate to share for lunch.

We will also be providing wholesome snacks and tea.


When: Sunday Oct 30th, 2016

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

**Note venue change**


The studio is at the old Tattersals building, located at Level 4/14 Grenfell street, near King William Street. Harry’s Bar is at the street level and next door on the east side is a small entrance to get up to level 4. Once you exit the elevator or the stairs, turn right and the door is on the left.

COST: $70 if you book in advance online or $80 cash on the day.

(Tickets are non-refundable:  But if you fully participate and get nothing out of the workshop, your ticket can be be refunded.)


Public transport would be the easiest option with many buses servicing Grenfell St, King William St and Pulteney St. Alternatively, some parking is available in the surrounding streets of the venue.


Erin 0408 222 884

Fidel 0401 092 956

If you have any further questions feel free to send us a message or email.

We’re excited to see you there!

 (Limited spaces available)

Later Event: December 17
Shamanic Tantra Workshop