About KATINA Sacred Arts

KATINA SACRED ARTS  is driven by a desire to make the magical, the sacred, accessible to anyone. KATINA SACRED ARTS creates space for all to experience something beyond the mundane – to step into a state of flow, to let go of their inhibitions, their fears, their self-consciousness, and enter into complete immersion in the present moment. In doing so they can liberate from the mind and feel more of their true essence, their empowerment, their unconditional love.

When was the last time you checked into your body and felt how it was? It can be hard to remember to pause, or to take the time to slow down, but, when you listen and feel into the body, there is innate wisdom and healing to be found. 

Through this work, we can collectively shift our planet from a place of fear, competition, repression and attachment to a place of love, compassion, expression, and acceptance.


- Qoya (a movement practice for women) workshops and classes

- New moon women's circles

- Gatherings for music, dance, ritual, storytelling and community at significant times of the year

- Tai Chi workshops and classes 

- 1:1 private Qoya sessions

For more information see our Offerings page.