About ERIN

Through love, laughter and an active inner child,  Erin is driven by the desire to help others find freedom, expression and peace through the sacred arts.



MOVEMENT Erin holds a Bachelor of Dance (Adelaide College of the Arts) and trained in ballet and contemporary dance from a young age. She works as a choreographer and dancer for both local and international companies. She trained in traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi & Kung Fu) at the Guigu Culture School in Wudangshan, China in 2013 and 2014 where she gained a greater understanding of the internal energy systems of the body. In 2015 she travelled to the US to undertake teacher training in Qoya– a feminine movement practice that combines yoga, free dance and sensual movement in order to help us remember our true essence.

MUSIC Erin sings and plays guitar and flute. With her sister Tess, she performs in the band Sitara where they combine rich, soulful harmonies, and acoustic guitar in a blend of soul, folk and pop music. Erin and Tess also accompany yoga classes and occasionally facilitate Kirtan/Satsang sessions (group singing based on ancient Sanskrit chants in order to access devotion and quiet the mind).

TANTRA  Erin is currently training with Eliyah in kundalini tantra. Eliyah brings together the world of Tantra and Kundalini in service of humanity and love. Eliyah guides us into the sacred dance of the divine masculine and feminine, light and dark, angel and animal, human and divine. The yoga of Tantra - weaving spirituality and sexuality so that we may remember our essential embodied divine humanity. The yoga of relationship - with each other, with life and with everything on this planet.